The Transmigration of Cora Riley: Original EP

by Sharon Knight



Sharon Knight and Winter, have teamed up with author Ellie Di Julio to produce original songs inspired by her urban fantasy novel, "The Transmigration of Cora Riley."

The album tells three stories – Cora’s, Jack’s, and the Mistress’ – through the character’s eyes, echoing the book’s themes of change and desire. The music ranges from light-hearted pop to driving metal to haunting folksong, giving each character their own sound and adding new layers of meaning to the novel.

Learn more about Ellie Di Julio and Cora Riley on her website: You can also pick up this EP and the ebook together for $8 here:

Download includes three mp3 tracks and a PDF booklet of Sharon's song lyrics + Di Julio's hand-curated novel excerpts.


released August 4, 2014

∞ Music and lyrics written and performed by Sharon Knight and Winter. Recorded and produced in San Francisco, California, USA. Copyright Trance Jam Records/Sharon Knight.
∞ Excerpts from "The Transmigration of Cora Riley" copyright Elle Belle Media/Ellie Di Julio.
∞ Cover art for "The Transmigration of Cora Riley" copyright Desiree Kern of Greyscale Studios.



all rights reserved


Sharon Knight Oakland

Festival favorites Sharon Knight and her longtime collaborator Winter perform a mythic-Celtic style, which they call "Neofolk Romantique; songs for poets, adventurers and lovers of mystery". They tour internationally several months of the year, bringing their fantastical tales of love and magic to festivals, cafes, and homes across the land. ... more

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Track Name: Anywhere But Here
Twilight settles on another day
Another day, a lot like yesterday,
When did my dreams get ground to dust?
When did my heart forget how to trust?

A gritty longing chafes against my soul
A wanderlust that never loses hold
I feel it grinding in my mind, like sand
But the pearl never comes

Bonfires and fishing trips and laughing over beers
Tangling gardens, summer buzz, exactly like last year
I really can’t complain, it’s just
I wish that I were anywhere but here.

Pizza nights and gingham table cloths
The kind of man that anyone could love
I’m living someone’s dream but for me
This life will never be enough

Laughing kids and ice cream cones and never feeling truly home
You’re every bit a gentleman, and yet I feel so alone
It’s not that I don’t love you, I just
Wish that I were anywhere but here.

Maybe I’ll lose myself in some fair city
With debonair lovers, and Hollywood flair
Maybe I’ll spend my days down by the seaside
Sketching out poetry with sand in my hair

I always meant to leave this town but something holds me down
Weeks turn into months then years, I’m sick of fighting back the tears
I’ll throw my pickup truck in gear and
Take the road to anywhere but here.

I was born for faerie rings and strange, unusual things
Mushroom dances, bold romances, January flings
I’m not yet sure where I belong but I know I’ve been here far too long
I’m ready to be anywhere but here
I’ll take the road to anywhere but here.
Track Name: Man in the Machine
Steely eyes and steely gaze
Nothing stands in my way
Perfect poise, well-oiled precision
I carry out my mission

Iron will and clockwork mind
No weakness will you find
I execute the assignation
Without reservation

My heart bleeds with mortal blood.
Sea storm eyes, I come undone

Now you see,
Now you see, the man in the machine
You hold the key,
You hold the key to the man in the machine

Duty comes before desire
Live for something higher
Learn to bend but not to break
I know damned well just what’s at stake

Full moon howl and scar-torn skin
Betray the man I’ve been
You may look nice but I’ll think twice
Before I let you in

A rose bush blooms inside my heart
A memory breaks my shields apart

Now you see,
Now you see, the man in the machine
You hold the key,
You hold the key to the man in the machine
Track Name: The Conjuring
By raven’s wing and taloned fingers
Apple blossom, scent that lingers
I will bind you, steal your power
In an iron cage you’ll cower

Add three locks of burnished hair
Lure a lost one to my lair
I will cackle, keen, and sing
To seal you in my witches ring

By wind and sea and maiden’s heart
I bind my spell in magic’s art

And when my serpent spell is cast
Your power here will be long past
All the feasts will be in my name
All the pawns will play my game

Malice glitters in my eyes
As I conjure your demise
Long of lash, black as betrayal
See what lies beyond the veil

By wind and sea and maiden’s heart
I bind my spell in magic’s art

I will rip your world asunder
Every corner will I plunder
Oath bound strangers cannot save you
Honor dies while I enslave you

Snared in sleep you’ll wake in chains
I will rule all that remains
All that glitters is not gold
All I need now is that key