Fire in the Head

from by Sharon Knight



There is a mountain in Northern Wales called Cadair Idris, which means “The Chair of Idris”. Idris is a giant from Welsh mythology, although the name may also refer to a famous Welsh warrior-prince of the 7th century, who once defeated the Irish atop this mountain.

But that is not what interests me about this mountain. What I find fascinating are the legends surrounding it. It is said that anyone who spends a night beneath this mountain will wake dead, mad, or a poet. So naturally, all aspiring poets are compelled to test their fate at the mountain’s foot.

As you might imagine, this is a theme near and dear to my heart. I was captivated by this tale when I first heard it many years ago in the skillfully woven yarns of modern-day bard Robin Williamson. The quest for inspiration has always been the single most driving force in my life, and I could well understand the desire to risk all for poetic gifts.

So naturally I had to write a song about it. :+)



Fire in the Head
(Words/Music by Sharon Knight & Winter)

High upon a hill
Before the shrieking of the wind
I lay my spirit bare
At the feet of untamed things

Amidst the crumbling stone
Where time-worn gods have lain their hands
I walk the night alone
To claim the magic of this land

When the bright glory comes
I will feast with the shining ones
When the bright glory comes...

The screaming hag that rides the wind
Will rip the soul right from your skin
The hollow hills will swallow you
And flay apart your mind
To win the kiss of the gifted ones
We risk our lives on the mountain front
There’s some wake mad, and some wake dead
And some will rise with a fire in their head.

The fire mountain burns
Thrust up from primordial sea
A thousand glittering pools
Reflect the shape the destiny

The giant sits his chair
To test the seeking soul below
He sees you striving there
To claim which way your fate will go

At the crimson blush of dawn
I will sing my victory songs
At the crimson blush of dawn I’ll sing


from Siren Songs, released September 1, 2016
from Neofolk Romantique, released August 1, 2013
Sharon Knight: lead & harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, octave mandolin, djembe
Winter: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, percussion, harmony vocals



all rights reserved


Sharon Knight Oakland

Festival favorites Sharon Knight and her longtime collaborator Winter perform a mythic-Celtic style, which they call "Neofolk Romantique; songs for poets, adventurers and lovers of mystery". They tour internationally several months of the year, bringing their fantastical tales of love and magic to festivals, cafes, and homes across the land. ... more

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