by Sharon Knight

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    Sharon's first album, all-original songs in a Bardic storytelling tradition. Most often compared with Steeleye Span or Fairport Convention.

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An unabashedly Pagan-themed album with acoustic and electric guitar, mandolins, flutes, drums, and a very woodsy feel.


released April 1, 1996

Recorded by Robert Beley at The Little Easy in New Orleans, LA; & by Alan Kraus & June Millington at IMA Studios, Bodega, CA.
Mixed by Robert Beley at The Little Easy, New Orleans, LA except Bardic Voices, mixed by Alan Kraus at IMA Studios, Bodega, CA.
Produced by Sharon Knight, Winter, & Robert Beley.
Project coordination/album design: Shelly Trumbo
Art design: Sharon Knight
Photos: Jeanine Grimes, Winter

All songs (c) (p) 1996, Trance Jam Records
All rights administered by Binassyr Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Sharon Knight Oakland

Festival favorites Sharon Knight and her longtime collaborator Winter perform a mythic-Celtic style, which they call "Neofolk Romantique; songs for poets, adventurers and lovers of mystery". They tour internationally several months of the year, bringing their fantastical tales of love and magic to festivals, cafes, and homes across the land. ... more

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Track Name: Bardic Voices
Bardic voices ages old
Sing of tales years untold
Awakened long ago they were
In ancient groves of oak and fir

They sang of hollow weeping lands
Of verdant forests turned to sands
Of children crying, starving, sad
Of empty souls gone raving mad

Untie your ribbons from the binding tree
And chant the spell that sets you free

In truth the prophecy did speak
The wicked prey upon the weak
We’ve turned our backs upon the land
Our brothers’ blood upon our hands

And not but one small seedling flame
To guide us through our grief and shame
To hold the hope inside our hearts
The whisper wish that faith imparts

Untie your ribbons from the binding tree
And chant the spell that sets you free

The pleas of bleeding mother earth
Imploring us to seek rebirth
Have gone unheard these thousand years
Mankind devoured by his fears

The sleeping soldiers we’ve become
Have lost the song of dreams to come
And battle-weary earth resigned
Closed her eyes, some rest to find

Untie your ribbons from the binding tree
And chant the spell that sets you free

How pale then this hollow song
That stretches out through right or wrong
To stir the dying ember fire
To light the spark of our desire

Do you hear the voices have begun
To sing a song as yet unsung
To wake the heroes from their trance
To bring to life the dervish dance

Untie your ribbons from the binding tree
And chant the spell that sets you free

Let’s learn to fight without our guns
Fight for the love of what earth becomes
Join our hands as one world race
Defiantly our truth to face

And when we’ve learned our fate is choice
We’ll have much reason to rejoice
Our sovereign wills will take a stand
Restoring balance to the land

Untie your ribbons from the binding tree
And chant the spell that sets you free

Untie your ribbons from the binding tree
And chant the spell that sets you free
Track Name: Ravaged Ruins
I went down to the woods to see if you were there
Looking for your eyes, a glimpse of your hair

Can’t let go the day, first time that we met
You looked inside of me, asked me “have you met yourself yet”

I’ll not forget your face, I’ll not forget your face

You made me face the mirror, you made me face my shame
You made me sing that endless song that doesn’t have a name

You brought me down to my knees, oh love, brought me down to my knees

I looked in to the pool, thought I was made of ice
I know the golden rule, that never will suffice

Shatter my illusions, shatter my illusions

I see it all around me crumbling ruins of my heart
Slain by my own love again, my world falls apart

I impale myself on your sword, Impale myself on your sword

Ten thousand daggers in my breast, I’ve felt this ache before
But for the bittersweet of truth I’d gladly ask for more

And death can’t keep you forever, death can’t keep you forever

More than once the reaper’s lips have called aloud my name
But the ravaged ruins of my soul keep growing back again, stronger, stronger

Like Blossoms in the spring, Oh Love, like blossoms in the spring
And death don’t mean a thing oh love, death don’t mean a thing
Track Name: Mother of the World
Will you dance with me Mother of the World
And weave around me spirals of your glowing golden light
Will you sing to me the secrets of your full moon out tonight
Will you dance with me Mother of the World

Will you guide me on my path Lover Moon
For I’ve chosen a new road and I know not where I’m going
I’ll look for your answers in the river deep and flowing
Will you guide me on my path lover moon.

Will you celebrate my music Shining Flame
And light the spark of passion in my heart when I am playing
That the lovers and the children might rejoice in what I’m saying
Will you celebrate my music Shining Flame

Will you protect the blessed children Fertile Soil
And let them know the wonder of all there is to know
And let them realize their dreams let peace within them grow
Will you protect the blessed children Fertile Soil

And for you I will dance upon your soil
In the ecstasy of feeling my birth my death my pain
And I will make the magick of the Ancients once again
My very life I give you Mother Soil.
Track Name: Lord Fenugreek
Lord Fenugreek

Come listen while I sing for you a lovesong sweet
About the man who won my heart
His kisses are the blossoms of the coming spring
That bloom inside my soul when we’re apart

He smells of wild herbs and musky woodglades
Wherever he is the birds and beasts abound
His copper hair glints fire in the sunset
In the depth of his sea green eyes I’ll surely drown

My lover walks among Shiva’s gardens
Tending the flowers that grow so green and
Some people say that he is crazy
Because he burns with a fire unseen
I will give him everything I am
The nectar from my fountains flowing
Everlasting youth, we tap the gates of heaven
The immortal womb is life ever growing yeah

He leads me inside is palace of jade
And serves me sweet ambrosia wine
He feeds me well on wild fruit and kisses
The he wins away the heart I thought was mine

The temple glows alive with candle fire
An invitation to all things divine
With one look he rouses all my hearts desire
As he lights the sugary incense so fine

Sandalwood to bless the priests of passion
Frankincense brings visions wondrous and odd
Fenugreek to spice the midnight romance
Sticky scent of love to pleasure the Gods

And my head she is spinning spinning, spinning
And the rainbow temples are opening
Creation ever unfolding
We can fly, we can fly, we can fly

We awaken to the honeysuckle’s embrace
As we lie entwined together as one
And I know as I gaze upon his peaceful face
We rest within the blessings of moon and sun

No magick shall surpass the magick of love
When you look upon each other with God’s eyes
Through the union of the fertile soil and the starshine above
You shall spiral ever onward toward the skies
Track Name: Bewitched
A woman left her house at night
With her whistles in her hand
And there she met with such a fright
Walking along the strand
Five grim men and a black dog stood
Raised up from the grave
“Until our story is understood"
Spoke one "We are damned to the devil’s cave”

Yo diddly yo de yo de ay
And the witch’s laughter on the wind
The witch laughs on the wind

There was a maid on shore spoke he
Who wished herself a lover
A man who’d come with us to sea
But he had no love for her
Then out we sailed all on the sea
She put a spell on out pathway
Up rose tidal waves one two and three
And we are cast away

The skipper he was old and wise
His ban sidhe song protects
He sang down the waves with defiance in his eyes
And so betrayed her hex
But the next time that we set upon the sea
We met with a fate more drear
Not one of us knew sorcery
And we all collapsed from fear

From the fear the spell took hold
The witch spoke her dismay
“One of you has broken my heart so bold
And for that you all shall pay”
From us then our lives she robbed
Cursed us by her tooth and nail
“The only way to break the spell,” the dead man sobbed
“Is to tell our woeful tale”

But we are such a gruesome sight
Our grief remains unspoken
All men before you ran away in fright
And left the curse unbroken
But now that we’ve our story told
We are then freed from hell
Bless you kind lady for being bold
T’is your ears broke the witch’s spell
Track Name: Black Jack Davy
Black Jack Davy
(Sharon Knight)

I left my lover sleeping on the moonlit sand
So I could follow the gypsy band.
With only the clothes that I wore that night
I went chasing after my heart’s delight.
For just one kiss of the gypsy king
Oh, I would dance and I would sing
Raven Hair and eyes of green
He was the prettiest man that I’d ever seen.

Folly all the day and they called him the black Jack Davy.
Folly all the day with his hair all thick and wavy.

Two nights after we were on the road
A rider came and handed me a note.
Red-haired woman, our husband’s loose
Take care or you’ll be hanging from the hangman’s noose.
So away we fled to the moss green woods
The deep forest home of Jolly Robin Hood.
And there my gypsy risked his life
For the honeysuckle pleasures of another man’s wife

My husband came upon us in the woods at last,
After many nights of love with the Gypsy King had passed.
“Don’t you miss your goose feather bed?
The fire in the hearth, and the man that you wed?”
Then I stood bold and I stood proud,
Spoke my words both strong and loud.
“I’d trade all the comforts that your money buys
For a gypsy’s passion under starry, starry skies.”

His face went cold and he drew his gun,
He said to the gypsy “you can fight or you can run.”
So I surrendered, said, “I’ll give you no strife.
I’ll go with you in peace if you spare my lover’s life.”
But as we ride away I smile secretly,
For it won’t be very long until my husband goes to sea.
I’m thinking ‘bout my love, and the time is coming soon
When we’ll be making love beneath the fullness of the moon.
Track Name: Double Edged Sword
Double-Edged Sword
(Words & Music by Sharon Knight)

One evening went walking through yon wood glade
Searching for the stars’ song to me
A woman came, to follow I was bade
Until we reached the dragon’s churning sea

Her hair long fire down her back
Face ancient and yet no age at all
Her robes crimson as the blood dried black
Here eyes would not let my gaze fall

She says “turn your vision inward and release yourself to the sea
Until you hear the whisper of your own sweet mystery.
Ride the crest of the wave until you find clarity
Then look into my face and take this sword from me.”

I looked into her burning amber eyes
Saw the terror that hides behind the stone
Saw the struggles of one who never cries
And the face that looked back was my own

And the shadows that lurk inside my darkness
They will certainly devour me alive
My bleached bones lie scattered in their starkness
If I open the dismal door I’ll not survive

She says “step into the darkness and surrender peacefully.
Let them roast you in their fire ‘till you scream in agony.
Let your body lie in ruin and your eyes can no more see.
Then rise up from the flames and take this sword from me.

So I died a thousand times, and I cried a thousand times
A thousand babes were born, on my head a crown of thorns

I took from her the double-edged sword
Obsidian and lightning molten white
From my deepest wells a mighty shout I roared
All I am poured forth as the new sunlight.

Then I looked for my lady of the mystery
For to ask her nature and her nature and her name
I would know her magick and her history
She had gone silent as she came.

Then softly through the trees as I turned to go
I thought I heard a voice on the wind as she did blow
As she did blow.
Track Name: Berrywood Grove
Two lovers met gazes down by Berrywood Grove
In passion drenched hazes, ever deeper they strove
No truer lovers on earth were ever born
I tell you this truly as roses have thorns
And they burned up their sorrows
With the heat of their love

She gave him a lily, like to the scent of his breath
Laced in velvet chantilly, to invite his caress
They stepped into the circle of steel strong stones
Where the wind wails wanton and the moon softly moans
And they melted their sorrows
There in Berrywood's breast

They made true love there such as seldom is known
Their honeywine kisses could squeeze
Sweetness from stone
The elf-queen espied them as she sat on her throne
She smiled to herself as she dined all alone
For she knew that the seeds of renewal were sewn

Upon them she crept as they drank up the moon
Her silver hair windswept in a silken cocoon
She knelt down beside them and stroked their soft skin
A starlit circle she wound them within
Then she courted the sky with her heartwrenching croon

The lovers awakened to the faery queen's spell
Afraid and breathtaken, they knew the charm well
They gathered their blankets, their bottle of wine
Left nothing but memories of sweetness divine
Then they ran toward the meadow
Where her Highness did dwell

They entered her castle both lofty and cold
Her richly jeweled caverns a joy to behold
Her chamber they stormed as she sat spinning gold
They questioned her spellcraft, defiant and bold
Demanding she tell them what cannot be told

She answered their query with the voice of the bird
In a hum bright and merry the woods sang her word
"My children your love is more precious than gold
For with it the forest can never grow old
I implore you to stay till life's last breath is heard"

"We're sorry your Highness, we were destined to rove
For sweet freedom's fineness is essential to love"
But on their departure they left her a rose
To this very day in the circle it grows
And the blessings flow freely down in Berrywood Grove
Track Name: 13 Knots
13 Knots
(copyright Sharon Knight 2000)

Come ye man and ye woman rest awhile by the old oak tree
And ponder you the answers to these age-old riddles three
What price costs love and with what will you be made to pay
And how many knots tied in silken thread will make your sweetheart stay

Oh Sylvan moon what lover wouldn’t give her very breath
For the promise that the love of two would outlast even death
But forever can’t be given away on the breeze of a winter’s night
You must take your chance in the trickster’s ring and boldly you must fight.

And boldly you must fight
Though you may not have tomorrow what you have tonight
Keep the candle of your faith burning bright
You’ve got to want your love to live with all your might

For death may come a-knocking on your beloved’s door
Boldly take his life although he pleads for one year more
Or a lusty meadow flower with sweeter lips than yours
Might swoon and croon and charm him till he thinks of you no more

The path you walk together may be forked along the way
And though he’d like to go with you he knows he cannot stay
Or one love could grow stronger while the other only wanes
Alas life’s cruel joker draws the upper hand again

And boldly you must fight
Though you may not have tomorrow what you have tonight
Keep the candle of your faith burning bright
You’ve got to want your love to live with all your might

13 knots in the rose red ribbon, 13 candles blaze
But not one word of promise will you get for the magick you raise
With no potion do you stand a chance but the strength of your own desire
And the slicing edge of a sharpened will to cut the kindling for your fire

How the Gods would answer love’s three riddles I don’t know
I will take my lover’s hand in mine, my courage I will show
We shall meet the devil’s challenge though his cunning strengthens still
In the hope that the bottomless well of love shall evermore be our fill

And boldly we will fight
Though we may not have tomorrow what we have tonight
We’ll keep the candle of our faith burning bright
And we’ll dream our love alive with all our might
Because we want our love to live with all our might
Track Name: Faith
by Sharon Knight

I am Faith
Learn to Love Me well
Learn to know the cup of bounty
In your heart wherein I dwell
Learn to listen for my whisper
On the Winds of truth and glory
Lear to wield my sword of valor
In the sadness of your story.

You´ll know me
I am steadfast, the glow that can not dim
I am the piercing banshee call
That makes your head to swim
My burning light within your heart
Will strengthen what is weak
Inspired by my vision
You will find that which you seek
Flying ever higher
I will wrap you in my breast
And drop you off to slumber
In my sylvan land of rest.

I´ll whisper you the mysteries
You mortals almost know
Bestow on you the waters that
Make the soul to grow
For I am Faith
Learn to know my face
I am the key to heaven which no fear can erase
For I am Faith
Learn to know my face
I am the key to heaven which no fear can erase.