Songs for the Waning Year

by Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle

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    This album is a collection of all-original chants written by T. Thorn Coyle and myself to help you celebrate the turning of the year. Loads of percussion, strong vocals, and easy to learn and sing along to in your rituals!

    This is the companion CD to Songs for the Strengthening Sun.

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A collection of chants for nature mystics, Goddess lovers, and those who celebrate the cycles of the year, featuring strong female vocals backed with percussion, guitar, piano,and a choir.


released October 31, 2008



all rights reserved


Sharon Knight Oakland

Festival favorites Sharon Knight and her longtime collaborator Winter perform a mythic-Celtic style, which they call "Neofolk Romantique; songs for poets, adventurers and lovers of mystery". They tour internationally several months of the year, bringing their fantastical tales of love and magic to festivals, cafes, and homes across the land. ... more

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Track Name: Elemental Castings
Air. Fire. Water, Earth.

Breathe with me, oh you lovers, breathe with me.
Burn in me, oh you lovers, burn in me.
Flow together, oh you lovers, flow with me.
Stand rock solid, oh your lovers, stand with me.
Rise in spirit, oh you lovers, rise with me.
Sing together, oh you lovers, sing with me.
Track Name: Awake!
Awake, awake, you ancient watchers
Awake awake and let me in
Come down come down, from your waiting houses
Come down come down and let me in

Jewel of the North, whose gates are emerald
Flame of the South, whose gates burn red
Well of the West, whose gates are wisdom
Breath of the East whose gates are still
Track Name: Queen of Heaven
Eya Inanna, Hail to the Queen of Heaven
Whose spiced lips bring life everlasting
Hail to the Queen of Heaven

Eya Ishtar, Hail to the Queen of Heaven
Whose blade spills the blood of passion
Hail to the Queen of Heaven

Eya Babalon, Hail to the Queen of Heaven
Whose azure eyes drown all sorrows
Hail to the Queen of Heaven
Track Name: For Tara - Hecate Chant
Hecate, keeper of the crossroads
Hecate, holer of the flame
Hecate, wisdom of the darkness
Guide our way, guide our way

All that dies is reborn
Formless sinking into form
Rise awake! Born anew
Walking forward, passing through
Track Name: Ancestor Chant
All you who have gone before, please listen now, we are listening, too
All you who have gone before, join us in peace.

Crossing the river of life and death.
Crossing the river of spirit and breath.
Track Name: Beyond the Gates
Beyond the gates I see my father
Beyond the gates I see my mother
There I see the line of my people
Going back to the dawn of time

Beyond the gates I see my sister
Beyond the gates I see my brother
There I see my beloved kin
Going back to the dawn of time

I will take my place among them
I will drink of life everlasting
I will live in the Halls of the Mighty
Until the end of time
Track Name: Come All Who Hunger
Come all who hunger
Come ye rogue and restless souls
Come to the feast and
Let your greatest deeds be told
Raise up your voice and
et your songs be free and bold
For this night we feast with the Mighty
Track Name: The Fates
In the cave of destiny, She spins, She weaves, She cuts.
Our fate is fashioned by these Three, She spins, She weaves, She cuts.

Whether we walk with light or heavy tread,
Our lives flow from the end of Her silken thread.

In the den of the Wise,
Her shuttle 'cross our tapestry flies.

When the pattern is done,
She cuts the threads of life that were spun.
Track Name: Morrigan Chant
Bansidhe, Bansidhe, keening at the well
Who do you claim as you loose the gates of Hell
The souls of the slain called from your shrieking lips
Your chosen plucked form life with icy fingertips

Oh screaming hag that rides the wind, bring my love to me
For I would see his face again on this Hallows Eve
You wash the soul right from the skin, deliver us from life
Our spirits are renewed in the velvet womb of night

Morrigan of the raven wing, yours the song the slain do sing
Mighty queen of forgotten things, open up the gate
Track Name: Prayer for the Dead
Turn your eyes to the western skies
Away from dust of dreams gone by
A thousand flames on a vast dark sea
To light your way to eternity
Track Name: Ereshkigal, Keeper of Sorrows
Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal, keeper of the sorrows
Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal of the burning eye
Ereshkigal, I call to you when life turns dark and barren
I lay my burden down

Ereshkigal, this blossom of beauty do I offer
For holding the sorrows of aeons gone by
I lend you my song to give voice to your grieving
Won’t you lay your burdens down
Track Name: Osiris Lives
Red barley and grape on the vine
Green waters of the rising nile 2x

Osiris lives, Osiris returns, what is true will never die. 2x

(What is true will live forever, what is true will always be.)

(Osiris lives, the God returns, Osiris lives, the God in me.)
Track Name: Divine Twins
We are beauty and we are darkness.
We are light, and we are change.

(Power of darkness. Womb of light.)
Track Name: Eternity's Children
We change as the sea changes
We are carried, time through night.
Eternity, we are your children
Lend us patience, give us sight!

Waiting, now the time has come! 2x
Track Name: Cross the River
I seek to cross the river
I seek to ride the serpent
I seek to bathe my tender toes in wisdom

Fill my head with life
I seek the thunderbolt to strike
Release the inspiration lies in every cell of life
Track Name: Season's Turn
Raise the horn of libation as we dance in the flickering light.
Pass the kiss of creation as we dance in the turning of night.

Stoke the fires and brave the cold
Greet the new and honor the old.
Track Name: Solstice Prayer
We wait in the dark for the light to appear,
Mother, give birth to our brother the Sun.
We wait in the dark for the light to appear,
Mother, give birth to our brother the Sun!

We wait. We watch.
Out of the cold comes the promise of newness.
We wait. We watch.
Out of the cold comes the promise of day!
Track Name: Nine Brazen Bells
Nine brazen bells will ring
On a silver tree whose branches sing
Spin the wyrding web times three
And muses come to me
Track Name: Taliesin's Song
I remember the beating of my heart
I remember the birthing of the stars 2x

I am expanding, filling up the world,
I am expanding, breathing in the universe
I am expanding, hear my song.
Hear my song.
Track Name: Demeter and We
Come to me, body of grain.
Come to me, soul of light!
Come to me, rest your head,
I will give you life.

We are the people. We are the song. We dance together, sacred and strong.
Track Name: Light of the World
Into the deeps of the well
Beyond the shadows of time
I surrender my sorrows and stains on my soul
Reborn in the light of the World
Track Name: Estrellas Brilliantes
Brilliantes estrellas, estrellas brilliantes. 2x
Nosomos, nosomos ay oh ay 2x

Luz. Fogo. Terra, oh ay. 2x